A walk through old and new Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the most vibrant, diverse and liberal city in Israel and is the social and cultural center of this multifaceted country. I invite you to walk with me in Tel Aviv, and enjoy the magical and secret places it has to offer as only someone who has lived in this city their entire life can show you.
Tel Aviv, nicknamed ‘the white city’, was the first Hebrew city founded in the land of Israel just over one hundred years ago. A trip through Tel Aviv is without a doubt a colorful experience in all ways: Culturally, historically, musically and culinarily.

Discover the magical and secret places and stories Tel Aviv has to offer!
The day includes:

  • The Templar German Colony of Sharona – a unique meeting of 150 years of history and modern Tel Aviv from its foundation in 1871 and one of the most energetic and culinary centers today.
  • Rothschild Boulevard – where “The White City” was born and where the historic declaration of the founding the State of Israel was made. Explore the beautiful Bauhaus architecture unique to the area and hear the special stories from the early days of Tel Aviv.
  • Neve Tzedek – one of the first neighborhoods established outside of Jaffa and holds a unique atmosphere and houses many of the artists, galleries and boutiques in Israel.
  • Suzanne Dellal – the Center for modern dance located between ancient orchards and picturesque passageways.
    HaTachana Complex – the historic train station which connected Jaffa to Jerusalem 150 years ago. Recently it has been renovated and turned into a unique and authentic leisure and commerce area.