Jesus life and history in the Galilee

A full day trip centered in the Galilee following Jesus and his disciples is a unique and emotional experience for anyone visiting Israel.
Come with me for a day-long trip in the places Jesus lived, worked and influenced human history. Together, we will witness with our own eyes the special locations where Jesus revealed himself to his believers, preached his massages of love and unity and we’ll discuss the incredible miracles he performed.
We’ll start our trip in Cana, the place where Jesus performed the Wedding Miracle, and we’ll visit the Wedding Church. From there we’ll continue northwards, through the Galilee reaching Nazareth, the city Jesus lived in and in which he began establishing himself as a leader and prophet 2000 years ago. We will visit the Church of the Annunciation, and other churches in the city, and will walk the ancient paths where the history of Christianity began.
Later in the day we will reach Mount Tabor, the place where Deborah the Prophetess fought the Canaanites, and where Jesus’ transfiguration took place. We will climb the mountain and visit the Church of the Transfiguration.
At the end of our special day we will visit an observation post where we will look out over the fields and views of the Jezreel Valley and the Lower Galilee.