Jesus in Mount of Olives and the Via Dolorosa

Witness firsthand the places where Jesus passed on his way from the Temple to the place where he was crucified, buried and resurrected – a spiritual and exhilarating experience! We will go back through time and guess what the city of Jerusalem looked like in Jesus’ days, so that we can walk in his footsteps.

The tour includes:

  • The Mount of Olives and the Chapel of the Ascension – the place where Jesus’ Second Coming is expected to occur.
  • The Church of Pater Noster – one of the most beautiful and spiritual churches in Jerusalem, and the location of the cave where Jesus taught his disciples.
  • Observe the sites Jesus visited during his last week at spectacle observation post, letting the Holy Bible come to life in front your own eyes.
  • Dominus Flevit Church and Gethsemane – where Jesus spent his final night on earth.
  • Follow the cross route, Via Dolorosa in the Old City, which follows Jesus’ last path. It will also be possible to stop along our way for prayers and masses at the various stops and holy places.