The primordial Judean desert and Dead Sea

The Judean desert is located close to Jerusalem, and to its east lies the Dead Sea. This has been a unique region throughout history, and over the course of thousands of years many cultures have lived here and left their mark.
The Judean desert offers a beautiful desert experience, with visits to cool springs, historic and archeological sites, unique geology, and some of Israel’s most beautiful trails.

Our trip includes:

  • Mount Sodom – sits entirely atop an enormous block of salt where we’ll explore the natural phenomenon of salt caves which is unique to the region surrounding the Dead Sea.
  • Masada – see with your own eyes where Jews lived during the Roman period, and where one of the most bitter battles occurred – a part of Jewish lore to this day!
  • Ein Gedi – a sweet water spring which flows from the mountain and has turned the desert area into a thriving oasis, with plant life, animals and a unique ecology.
  • Enjoy a refreshing swim at one of the Dead Sea’s beaches and dip in its special nourishing mud which is healthy for both mind and body – an unusual geological phenomena of this primeval area.